Friends of Bradford District Parks

In the Bradford District, we’re lucky to have a committed and passionate community of local Friends groups devoted to maintaining, promoting, and improving our parks and green spaces. Each Friends group has a unique set of goals and priorities, but they are all driven by the same objective to make our parks and green spaces a great place to visit now and for future generations.

In the Bradford district, there are over 20 active Friends groups committed to ensuring parks benefit the whole community through activities such as:

  • Flower and tree planting
  • Organising and promoting community events and activities
  • Ensuring shared spaces are clean and green
  • Sharing local information and initiatives
  • Practical support, e.g. building dry stone walls or leading guided walks.

Join a group

You might have practical skills that you want to put to good use, meet new people, or just give something back to your community. Whatever your motivation to become a Friend of Bradford District Parks, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Find out more and make contact using the information included in the Friends Group directory.

Start a group

Friends Groups for parks and greenspaces can come in all shapes and sizes. Some people begin applying for funding from fully constituted groups with officers and regular meetings, other’s simply gather a small and informal network using social media. If you see an opportunity to set up a new Friends Group for Bradford District Parks, please feel free to start one.

Top tip – why not contact an existing Friends Groups for advice on setting up a new group?

You can find lots of useful resources to help you set up a new Friends Groups at: 

Better Friends

Try out the better friends self-assessment tools

Better Friends

Friends Group Directory