Parks & greenspaces

Bradford parks and greenspaces have served communities across in the district and beyond for generations.

We have featured many of the parks and greenspaces in the Bradford district below. A complete list of parks and greenspaces can viewed on the Bylaws (PDF).


From parks that serve as the community hub to major Green Flag parks that provide a range of facilities and host activities and events.

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  • Bowling Park

    A large leafy park, complete with a play area, bowling green and great view over the city centre.  

  • Brackenhill Park

    A community-led park that makes the best use of its multi-functional spaces to host activities and events. 

  • Bradford Moor Park

    The hub of the community, the park provides a large open space to host multiple sporting activities, as well as a proving a natural haven to relax in. 

  • Central Park, Haworth Green Flag

    At the heart of Haworth village, the park attracts visitors to the play area and bowls, but it’s most renowned for its beautiful flower gardens 

  • Cliffe Castle Museum & Park Green Flag

    Steeped in history, this space is home to Cliffe Castle House, beautiful Victorian gardens, and a well-equipped play area. 

  • Cross Roads Park

    A lovely community park where you can watch bowls or let the kids enjoy the play area.  

  • Crowgill Park

    Home to a skate park and bowling green, and with an abundance of trees, it’s the perfect setting for a stroll.  

  • Devonshire Park

    A leafy park bursting with trees and lots of winding paths to explore.  

  • Eccleshill Park

    Conveniently placed in the heart of the community, ideal for families and friends to spend time together.  

  • Foster Park

    A large park in Denholme, where families can play a game of basketball or have fun in the skate park and play area.  

  • Foxhill Park

    A large open space used by sporting clubs and perfect for a walk or jog.  

  • Grange Park

    A community hub, sitting at the heart of Burley-in-Wharfedale. It provides a space for the various activities run throughout the year and is home to an active bowling club.  

  • Greenwood Park

    A multi-purpose space with a range of facilities, including a large cricket field, well equipped play area, skate park and sports zone.  

  • Harold Park Green Flag

    A far-reaching space with walks and trials, a sensory garden, and the only park in the district with a fishing dam!  

  • Holden Park (Oakworth Park)

    A truly unique park, with grottoes and caves twining around the bowling green and open parkland and woodlands beyond 

  • Horton Park

    A large leafy park boasting beautiful gardens, a modern play area, and a duck pond. 

  • Knowles Park

    An expansive open green space provides a home for play and fitness equipment, as well as a dog-free area. 

  • Ladyhill Park

    A spacious park with an excellent play area and a well-maintained bowling green.  

  • Lister Park Green Flag

    A real Bradford gem – visitors can enjoy an art gallery, boating lake, café, bandstand, and well-laid-out walks past the Mughal Gardens.  

  • Littlemoor Park

    With open wooded areas, it’s perfect for walking and soaking up the surrounding nature. 

  • Lund Park

    A large community park offering a good mix of facilities, including a bowling green and skate park.  

  • Menston Park

    A large open park with plenty of grass for playing games or just lying back to relax.   

  • Myrtle Park

    Sitting at the heart of Bingley, this large and beautiful park provides something for everyone – from the play areas and the skate park to a popular café and an aviary hosting entertaining Cockatiel birds. 

  • Northcliffe Park

    Attracting a range of visitors, Northcliffe Woods provides an opportunity for bird – or bat–watching, and Norman Rae Playing Fields is an ideal space for football. 

  • Peel Park Green Flag

    A large community park with well-laid-out paths, gardens, a small lake, play areas, a BMX track, and sports pitches.

  • Prince of Wales Park

    Perfect for walking, with footpaths through wooded grounds, gentle trails, and steeper rambles.  

  • Riverside Gardens, Ilkley

    Beautifully set alongside the River Wharfe, with a large well-equipped play area and wide open green spaces, the park is perfect for a day out with the family.  

  • Roberts Park Green Flag

    On the banks of the River Aire, the park boasts a cricket pitch, café, and part hosts the popular annual Saltaire Festival. 

  • Russell Hall Park

    The perfect spot for families to meet up and have fun in the play area and multi-sports zone. 

  • Shipley Central Park

    Situated in the centre of busy Shipley, the park includes a green open space that’s encircled by trees to create a perfect spot for a picnic. 

  • Silsden Park

    A hub for sporting activities, this large open park is equipped with a bowling green, tennis court, and skate park. 

  • St. Ives Country Park

    The largest park in the Bradford district, it offers something for the whole family, including walking trails, horse riding, adventure play, golf, fishing, and archery. 

  • Victoria Park, Clayton

    A cosy local park that puts all available space to good use, including a play area and multi-sport zone.   

  • Victoria Park, Keighley

    Situated next to The Leisure Centre, it’s ideal for a pre-gym warm-up on the large open green or for families to fit in some playtime whilst visiting the pool. 

  • Victoria Park, Oakenshaw

    A large bustling park offering something for the whole family, including a skate park, a play area, and a bowling green. 

  • West Park, Girlington

    A friendly communal space where visitors can make the most of a range of facilities, including a skate park and play area. 

  • Wibsey Park

    From tree-lined strolls to a picturesque open lake, a sizeable play area and a skate park, everyone will surely find something to enjoy!


Bradford District looks after more than 850ha of woodland open to the public. 

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  • Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits

    A great place to observe birds, plants, butterflies, and dragonflies, and if you’re really lucky an otter!

  • Black Carr Woods

    Home to stunning ancient woodlands, it’s the perfect spot for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and birdwatching.

  • Buck Wood

    For more than 3,300 years this area has been a hub of activity, beginning with a Bronze Age enclosure. Nowadays, it is still a goto spot for those who appreciate outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, and horse riding.

  • Chellow Dean Woods

    A tranquil haven situated in the heart of Bradford.

  • Crabtree Ghyll

    Occupying the side of the Wharfe Valley, a carpet of wildflowers greets woodland visitors early in the year.

  • Esholt Woods

    Splendid, undisturbed natural woodland surrounding Guiseley Beck and Yeadon Gill.

  • Ferniehurst Dell

    Located on the northern flank of the Aire valley between Shipley and Baildon, Ferniehurst Dell is a short, steep sided narrow valley.

  • Griff Wood

    Its position makes it visually prominent; the woodland was created in the 19th century.

  • Hebers Ghyll Woodlands

    A hidden gem located on the edge of Ilkley Town.

  • Hirst Woods

    An ancient woodland nestled between the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and the River Aire.

  • Judy Woods

    This ancient woodland has been around for 10,000 years and covers an area of 40 hectares.

  • Middleton Woods

    Middleton Woods sits along the River Wharfe and is home to the much-loved Nell Bank, which prompts joyful school trip memories for children throughout the district.

  • Shipley Glen

    Upon the plateau, ancient seminatural woodland and heathland cover the steep slopes above Loadpit Beck.

Recreation grounds

Multi-purpose recreational grounds used for a range of outdoor sports.  

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War memorials

City of Bradford District Council is responsible for the care of 42 War Memorials.

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