Community tree planting

Fruit Works Co-operative

Fruit Works Co-operative is a social enterprise helping people to plant and maintain fruit trees in the Bradford and Leeds area. The team is focused on four main areas: designing and planting orchards, pruning mature fruit trees, growing, and selling fruit trees from our nursery, and delivering training workshops.

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Trees For Cities

Trees for Cities is a UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in urban areas. Their Trees for Climate Action project aims to bring people together through tree-related activities, and their work in Bradford has included showcasing the many benefits of urban trees and biodiversity across the city, as well as supporting the Tree for Every Child initiative.

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White Rose Forest

Bradford Metropolitan District Council has partnered with the White Rose Forest who is looking for landowners, farmers and communities who can support them by having more trees planted on their land.

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Other tree planting opportunities:

Individuals can also volunteer to plant trees with:


Bradford Environmental Education Service (BEES)

Aire Rivers Trust