Installation of a commemorative bench and plaque on a new and existing bench on public land

Terms and guidance

  • The standard fee for a commemorative bench is £1,900 excl VAT. This payment will cover the cost of the bench and installation.
  • All commemorative benches installed in woodlands follow a standard pattern, as they have proven to be extremely durable. Please see below a picture of this bench for reference.
  • Commemorative benches placed in parks and woodland should appear to blend with their natural environment or existing furniture. We prohibit the placement of ornaments, flowers, or personal items at the location of newly installed benches or existing benches with new plaques.
  • The burial of ashes may be permitted on request. If it is considered appropriate, we are required to record information about the deceased and the date and place of cremation. Please send this information directly to: [email protected]


Personal plaques

  • Customers are responsible for creating their own personal plaques, ensuring sufficient time and care is devoted to guarantee accurate wording.
  • All bench plaques should be 70mm x 130mm (landscape) in size. There should be four holes, one in each corner to attach the plaque to the bench.
  • Timpsons is an example of one commemorative plaque provider:


Placing a personal plaque on a new bench

  • There is no extra cost for installing personal plaques on a new commemorative bench.
  • We assure you that no additional plaques will be affixed to the new benches.


Placing a personal plaque on an existing bench

  • The standard fee for installing a personal plaque on an existing bench is £100 excl VAT. This does not include the creation of the plaque. See guidance above.