Volunteers Tackle Invasive Rhododendron in St Ives, Bingley

On Saturday, 20th April, a group of volunteers took on the challenge of removing invasive rhododendron from St Ives, Bingley.

In just a few hours, the dedicated group of eight volunteers cleared a significant stretch of woodland below the main drive. As volunteers worked diligently, they enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and were treated to a stunning display of bluebells, providing a picturesque backdrop to the day’s tasks.

The Trees and Woodlands Team would like to express their gratitude to all volunteers for their dedication and hard work in tackling this particularly strenuous mission. As the work to remove invasive species from St Ives continues, we hope to maintain regular volunteer attendance to ensure continuous progress.

For context, please see below some additional information and guidance on invasive plant species: https://bradforddistrictparks.org/information-on-invasive-species/