Volunteers Tackle Invasive Himalayan Balsam in St Ives, Bingley

On Saturday, 18th May, a group of volunteers took on the challenge of removing invasive Himalayan Balsam from St Ives, Bingley. 

The team wasted no time and got straight to work with the task at hand, clearing a substantial area of woodland near Altar Lane. The Trees and Woodlands Team would like to thank all volunteers for their time and commitment.  

While Himalayan Balsam may boast appealing pink blooms, its rapid growth and inadequate root system affects soil stability and competes with native vegetation, presenting a significant threat to woodland ecosystems. By controlling this invasive plant, native flora including bluebells and wild garlic are able to thrive.  

For additional context, please see below some information and guidance on invasive plant species: https://bradforddistrictparks.org/information-on-invasive-species/