Plastic tree tubes to be recycled and reused in woodlands across the Bradford district

YorGreen CIC and Bradford Environmental Education Service (BEES) have joined up with Bradford Council to collect plastic tree tubes from woodlands across the district to be recycled and repurposed. Bradford Council enlisted the support of these organizations to lead the project, as it not only aids in environmental clean-up but also advances sustainable forestry practices.

More than 7,000 tree tubes have found a new purpose through the Tubex recycling project, and hundreds more have been cleaned for reuse in upcoming planting schemes. The venture has garnered support from various community groups and volunteers, including Get Out More CIC, Zephyr Loans, Royal Mencap Society, FOD Mobility, YorGreen Friday Group, and BEES.

Edward Brightman, Assistant Trees & Woodlands Manager, commented, “This project is a remarkable achievement for our dedicated community members and volunteers. By recycling and repurposing plastic tree tubes, we are reducing waste and championing a sustainable approach to woodland management.”

Residents are encouraged to participate in this ongoing effort. If you spot plastic tree tubes in council parks and woodlands across the Bradford District, please report their location to [email protected].