Event Enquiries

Some events in public parks, green spaces and woodlands require permission and authorisation by the Parks and Cleansing Manager before going ahead.  These include:

  • Events that will be advertised and open to members of the public;
  • Where payment of a charge or fee is required to take part;
  • Public or private events where you expect more than 20 people to attend;
  • Sporting events, matches and competitions.

Private family or voluntary organisation events (picnics, games, walks) involving less than 20 people do not need to be pre-booked but please give consideration to other park users.

Schools do not need to book activities, such as picnics, games, walks, play areas but should pre-book Forest School activities.

To enquiries about bookings please email [email protected] including a brief description, date and contact details. Your email will be forwarded to the relevant Neighbourhood Area Parks and Cleansing Manager who will contact you.