Why “Bradford Parks”, what about Keighley?

We use Bradford Parks as shorthand for Bradford District Parks.  It would be great to find a more inclusive name – suggestions on a postcard!  Our homepage and footer list the 9 major urban district councils that came together in 1972 to manage the District through City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.  As a Council and as a Parks service (and as residents!) we are proud of our local towns and neighbourhoods and we are working hard to make them safe, clean and great places to spend time.

How Many Parks?

There are 632 “parks and green spaces”

Are there any rules?

Yes. We have a set of Byelaws governing parks. Other rules not covered by the Byelaws also apply.

Can I hold an event in my local park?

Yes. Most private (e.g. family picnic) and some public (e.g. voluntary sector) events or activities do not need approval if they are small (less than 10 people) don’t involve putting up gazebos or charging a fee. Please read our guide, use the online form or email parks.

How do I complain (or compliment?)

Via the Bradford Council website