Planting commemorative trees on public land

Terms and guidance


  • The standard contribution for a commemorative tree is £350, excl. VAT.
  • The tree planting season generally runs between November and March. Therefore, any requests to plant trees can only be fulfilled during this time period.
  • As commemorative trees are planted as part of an existing park or woodland area, we aim to keep them natural in appearance and so we do not permit plaques, ornaments, flowers, or personal items to be left at the site.
  • The burial of ashes may be permitted on request. If it is considered appropriate, we are required to record information about the deceased and the date and place of cremation. Please send this information directly to: [email protected]
  • If a commemorative tree dies or is damaged, Bradford Council will agree to re-plant or replace the tree once, up to one-year post plant date.
  • Newly planted trees are subject to availability.
  • Bradford Council reserves the right to remove any tree planted on public land within the Bradford district if it poses safety concerns.
  • No digging or soil disturbance around the tree is permitted without authorisation.