Countryside guided walks – Funny Hat and Wig Walk

Event information

Date: 1 January 2024
Time: 11:00 am
Cost: £0
Type: Guided Walks Programme , Walking , Wildlife and nature

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Walk details:

Walk name: Funny Hat and Wig Walk
Distance: 4.5 miles Circular
Packed lunch required: Yes
Difficulty level: * Little or no difficulty (see all levels below)
Meeting instructions & information: Meet Barbara Walker at 11am outside Bingley Arts Centre for a level walk through beautiful countryside, taking in the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, the River Aire and Hirst Woods.

What is the Guided Walks Programme?

The Guided Walks programme introduces people to walking in the Bradford District, showcasing the diverse landscape and wildlife in both countryside and urban areas. The walks aim to create a safe, friendly atmosphere for participants to become familiar with local routes, landscapes, and rights of way—enabling them to eventually devise their own routes for further exploration or joining local walking groups.

Important walk information:


  • Walks are generally free, unless specified otherwise in the walk information.

Public transport:

  • Due to the remoteness of some of the walk starting points, not all walks are convenient for public transport users.
  • Efforts are made to make walks accessible by public transport when possible.
  • For travel information, contact MetroLine at 0113 245 7676 or visit
  • Participants are responsible for covering their own fare when public transport is involved in the walk.

Weather preparation:

  • Recommended: Walking boots or stout shoes.
  • Wellington boots suitable for shorter walks.
  • Carry waterproofs, extra sweater, hat, and gloves in a small backpack (in preference to a hand held bag).

Walkers’ ability:

  • Countryside conditions may present challenges (difficult stiles, slippery steps, mud, etc.).

*The leader reserves the right to refuse entry to inadequately dressed individuals or those deemed unfit for the walk.

Walking pace:

The standard pace for walks is 2 miles per hour, but it may vary on themed walks, challenging terrains, or with large groups. All mileage is approximate.


  • Guide dogs are the only exception allowed on walks.

Food and drink:

  • Advisable to bring food and drinks on all walks.
  • Bring a packed lunch for walks starting before lunchtime.

First Aid:

  • Please note that our walk leaders are unable to provide first aid assistance or equipment on our walks.

Customer care:

  • Participants are requested to stay behind the leader to maintain a consistent pace for the benefit of the entire group.
  • On all Bradford’s Countryside and Rights of Way Service Walks the leader will be assisted by a second volunteer whose job it is to look after the tail end of the party.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulties during the walk please let the back-up volunteer know so that any necessary action can be taken. It is also important to let the back-up know if you are leaving the walk.


  • The walk guide or activity leader reserves the right to cancel or amend the walk or activity in the light of problems which may effect the safety of the walk party.

Walk guidance:

Difficulty levels: 

* Little or no difficulty
** Some difficulty
*** A difficult walk

Approximate timings: 

1 mile (1.6km) – 30 minutes
2 miles (3.2km) – 1 hour
3 miles (4.8km) – 1.5 hours
4 miles (6.4km) – 2 hours
5 miles (8km) – 2.5 hours
6 miles (9.7km) – 3 hours
7 miles (11.2km) – 3.5 hours
8 miles (12.8km) – 4 hours
9 miles (14.4km) – 4.5 hours
10 miles (16km) – 5 hours
11 miles (17.7km) – 5.5 hours

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