Community tree planting initiative to restore woodland at St Ives Bingley

In a heart-warming display of community collaboration, an enthusiastic group of volunteers gathered over the weekend, on 2nd December, at St Ives Bingley to plant trees. The event marked an important milestone in the project to restore the woodland, following recent felling work to prevent the spread of ‘Larch Tree Disease’. The timing of the session was also significant as it coincided with National Tree Week.

Undeterred by the chilly temperatures, a group of 30 volunteers planted over 250 saplings comprising native oak, rowan, and hazel trees in an area along the main track near Coppice Pond.  

Organised by the Trees and Woodlands Team at Bradford Council, the initiative forms part of the broader objective to reintroduce native trees to designated areas within a ten-year timeframe. The work is also driven by the long-term vision to establish diverse, and robust tree cover so that future generations can continue to appreciate the natural beauty of this cherished landscape. 

Ed Brightman, Assistant Trees Woodlands Manager, expressed gratitude to everyone involved and encouraged continued community support for the ongoing efforts to restore the woodland:  

“Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who took part in this event. Ongoing engagement from the community is essential to ensure this shared space continues to thrive. With the positive momentum generated by this weekend’s tree planting, St Ives Bingley is taking a significant step forward in its journey toward a more resilient future”. 

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