Cleaner Parks, Safer Parks, Greener Parks

Cleaner Parks

Bradford Council is working hard to ensure our parks and open spaces are Cleaner, Safer and Greener.

This is what we are doing...


  • 30 maintenance teams working all year round ensuring our parks are in top condition
  • 500 Rubbish bins emptied regularly


  • Key spaces cleared to create better visibility
  • Increasing visitor numbers and hosting over 100 events annually
  • Safer by Design parks, recreation grounds and play areas


  • Water recycling systems in place
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems in new build sites
  • Peat free composting
  • Over 5,000 trees planted last year

We have invested over £3 million in improvements to our parks. Additional money is being raised by working with local communities and we have successfully applied for funding to develop Cliffe Castle in Keighley.  Friends of various parks are ensuring we meet local needs.

If you would like to get involved, please contact the Parks & Landscape by emailing