The Valley - Holme Wood Natural Play

Wed, 2 Mar 2011

As a result of the past unsuccessful improvements to The Valley in Holme Wood, a new scheme of improvements has been designed in a novel and innovative way. Instead of providing a traditional, fenced off manufactured play area in a selected part of the park, the new scheme does not remove existing landscape features but transforms them into more useable play features spread throughout the area. The number of manufactured play items is limited to a tyre swing, cableway and embankment slide. All other play features are made of natural materials as big boulders, logs, soil, sand, gravel and existing and new vegetation.

Consultation was carried out for several months and Leisure Services prepared a first stage of proposals based on expatiations and wishes of local people. Those were presented to local children with the addition of their new ideas and comments and a final scheme developed.

Phase 1 includes new bound gravel path work through the valley to bring more people in the park and to join the bus stop with existing path work. The cableway and a new tyre swing with sand beneath will be installed and missing seats will be replaced. Installation of big logs and big boulders for climb will take place and a shallow ditch will be created to solve drainage problems. A timber board walk will create of an off road circuit for bikers/runners.

Phase 2 involves installation of stepping stones and logs, creation of BMX biker's area, opening up Shay Lane with addition of bound gravel path and also improving the bus stop waiting area by installation of a fallen tree/big logs, several boulders and new benches. A bound gravel shortcut from bus stop towards Stirling Crescent will create a quicker route for locals.

Works will commence on the 9th March 2009 and will take approximately 8 weeks. The scheme will cost in the region of £90,000.