Booking your own event - Important things to consider

Public Safety Liaison Group

The Public Safety Liaison Group (PSLG) is a Bradford Council led Group that is administered by Emergency Planning. The group consists of core Council sections with interests or legislation dealing with public safety together with representatives of the Emergency Services.

The PSLG provide liaison between the various member organisations, enabling the spread of information and the opportunity for each organisation to comment on any issues that affect its work or areas of responsibility.

If you are planning an event that may affect Public Safety, please contact the PSLG. They can advise the relevant organisations, communicate your plans and offer advice regarding the event.

Council Departments

  • PSLG - 01274 432134
  • Building Control - 01274 433779
  • Emergency Planning - 01274 432134
  • Environmental Protection - 01274 434774
  • Highways - 01274 435710
  • Licensing Team - 01274 432240
  • Parks & Landscape Service - 01274 434769

Emergency Organisations:

  • West Yorkshire Ambulance Service - 01924 889734
  • West Yorkshire Fire Service - 01274 721056
  • West Yorkshire Police - 0845 6060606

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Emergency Services

Inform the emergency services about all aspects of your event. Their role will be determined by the location and type of event, size and the number of people expected to attend. Give them as much advance notice as possible.

West Yorkshire Police

The police may require a site or office meeting to discuss specific aspects of your event such as traffic control and public order and will require a least six months notice for larger events.

West Yorkshire Fire Service

You will need to consider provision for means of escape, evacuation and raising the alarm in case of fire or other emergency. The provision of fire fighting equipment, numbers and type of extinguishers, positioning and signage. Consideration for access to the site for the emergency services or in deed if an appliance should attend the event itself. Any temporary structures such as marquees will be subject to fire regulations.

First Aid and Medical

Organisers should give details about their events to a suitable recognised medical provider and they will be able to provide further help and advice.
The number of first aiders will be determined by the size and nature of the event guidance is available from the Health & Safety Executive, St John Ambulance, Red Cross or West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service (WYMAS). All facilities should be sited in a prominent and convenient position with suitable signage.

Accident Reporting & Recording

It is your responsibility to report and record all accidents. You should bear in mind that an accident need not result in injury.

Exits & Entrances

The number of people expected to attend the event will determine the number and size of exits. Ensure exit points and the surrounding areas are not blocked at any time in case of site evacuation. Exits must be adequate for emergency vehicles to access the site at all times.

Access Around the Site

Traffic entering the site must be kept to a minimum at all times.

Car Parking

Organisers should ensure there is adequate car parking close to the event thus reducing congestion. You can ask the Police to cone off some areas at the exits/entrances to help with traffic/pedestrian flow.


Depending upon the number of people attending your event and the risk assessments you will have made will determine the need/number of stewards required to assist in crowd management etc. A briefing should take place prior to the event so that everyone is aware of the procedures. The stewards are there to observe the event and any developing incidents and to assist the emergency services. They should be easily recognisable and in contact with the event organiser preferably via 2 way radio.

Crowd Control

In general terms, the safety of the public will rely on pre-planning of the control of the crowds. Good signage will be essential to give information and directions to crowds. It maybe necessary to have fencing and lighting at night in addition to good signage.

Event Organisers Control Point

This should be in a convenient position and staffed at all times as a point of contact for all people involved in the organisation of the event.


It is important to have a nominated site controller who is clearly identifiable during the event and is in communication with stewards and the emergency services at all times.

Public Address

At larger events a PA system is advisable so that all the public can hear and be made aware of any special requests and be kept informed of the proceedings.

Site Plan of Event

A clear and concise site plan of the event should be distributed to key organisers, stewards and the emergency services. This can then be referred to in case of emergency or for information purposes.
They should at a minimum show exits/entrances, first aid points, emergency services rendezvous points, access routes, lost children's point, lost property point, event control point and PA control point.
A programme of the events, displays, entertainments etc. should also be submitted with all booking forms and distributed for information purposes.

Hazards & Hazardous Substances

Check the site on a regular basis before and during the event to make sure no hazardous substances have been left and ensure that all contributors are aware of regulations such as usage, storage and disposal of hazardous substances.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Bottles

Ensure that they are carefully controlled and are used in line with appropriate guidelines i.e. recently examined, tested and stored correctly.


If it is necessary to supply electric you should ensure that the supply is inspected and tested by a qualified electrician. Hired equipment should display recent evidence of being tested.


All portable generators for electrical power supplies will be appropriately located and guarded from unauthorised persons using fencing or barriers. A dry powder extinguisher should also be sited nearby. All generators will be fuelled by Diesel, fitted with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers and earth spikes.

Food Hygiene

Environmental Health will be able to supply information on food hygiene regulations. All contributors in this area must meet food hygiene regulations.

Fairground Rides, Inflatables and Bouncy Castles

You should ensure that all operators and rides comply with the relevant codes of safe practice and examine insurance and test certificates. The Showmans Guild is a self-regulating body that can give help and information.

Traffic Signs

Direction signs for the event cannot be displayed without prior permission from the Highways Section.

Fly posting

It is illegal to advertise in unauthorised locations.

Site Damage

It is the responsibility of the organiser to repair any damage to the site causes as a result of the event. The council will repair any damage not dealt with and will invoice the organiser for the costs incurred.

Vehicles on Site

Do not allow vehicles to move around the site during the event. It is a good policy to have a time before and after the event for vehicle movement on site. Keep all vehicles off sports pitches to reduce damage. Parking should only be in official car parks.


It is the responsibility of the organisers to clear the site of any debris left after the event. Organisers can request extra litterbin provision from the Council to assist in limiting this problem.


If toilet provision does not exist on site it the responsibility of the organisers to provide temporary toilet facilities.

Alcohol on Site

If you intend to sell alcohol, a licence must be obtained before the event and these can take some time to process, therefore an early application is advised and the a licence may not be granted in some cases. For further information contact the Councils Licensing Dept. 01274 432240. Please consider that serving of alcohol can present its own problems!

Alcohol must not be given as prizes, unless under 18's are prohibited from taking part.

Lost Children Point

This area should be staffed at all times and signposted so that the site is identifiable to attendees of the event. Being a lost child can be a stressful experience and it would be wise to staff the Lost Children Point with empathy personnel e.g. nursery nurses/childcare workers. There should be contact with the event organiser preferably via a dedicated channel on 2 way radio. Every effort should be made to contact the parents immediately. However, care should be taking when repatriating children with parents/guardians, certain steps should be taken to check identity before handing over any lost child.


Bradford Council have issued tenders/licences to ice cream vans and inflatables for various parks and organisers should ensure the allocated sites are retained for any such concessions. No additional fees can be charged for these concessions.

Bonfires & Firework Displays

Due to the nature of this type of event, specific risk assessment documentation must accompany an application.