Booking your own event - Risk Assessment, Licensing and Insurance

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the most productive and comprehensive way of preventing injuries and dangerous occurrences during your event. A good risk assessment will be able to identify hazards and potential risks to people and assets. When identifying these risks the risks that cannot be completely avoided should be minimised in any way possible. The time, cost and trouble of avoiding the risks should be in proportion to the severity of the risks.


Under the Licensing Act 2003 there are a number of licences that affect public events. These include:

  • Premises Licenses
  • Personal Licenses
  • Temporary Event Notices

What do I need a licence for?

A license is required for the following activities that are likely to affect your event:

  • The sale of alcohol
  • To provide regulated entertainment (this includes performances of live music or playing of recorded music, performance of a play, exhibition of a film, an indoor sporting event, boxing or wrestling entertainment, performance of dance or any entertainment of a similar description)

For advice on whether your event needs a licence and/or the type of licence required contact City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Legal Services, Licensing Team, City Hall, Bradford BD1 1HY Tel: 01274 432240. 

Please note: Advice on licences should be sought in the initial planning stages of your event allowing a minimum of 2 months notice.


It is in the interest of those organising any event to be adequately insured. Bradford Council requires event organisers to have public liability insurance to the minimum value of £2 million. Insurers may require information and evidence of the steps that are being taken to minimise the risk of damage or injury. Dependant upon your event it may also be worth taking out insurance against inclement weather, none appearance of key persons, and damage to property etc.