Booking your own event - Start up

Early Planning

Events take a long time to organise and put together. Although you may well have a plan and set timetable you will be required to work with a large number of external agencies and businesses, whose priorities and goals may not be the same as yours.  Whilst you know it only takes a matter of days to respond to your request, it is liable to sit on someone's desk somewhere for weeks before you receive a reply. Consideration should be given to making sure that this and other delays such as weather and illness are taken into account when planning.

Location and Timing

There are a number of issues that surround where and when you hold your event.  Firstly you need to look at what you plan to do and will the area in which you plan to do it be able to accommodate your needs.  The profile of the land and the features that are present may have a determining factor. A slope may create a natural theatre for a show but would make it difficult to site items such as market stalls for example. Also you need to consider your target audience and will they be able to reach the site you have planned. The timing of the event will also have a great deal of bearing on the event, over the summer months although not guaranteed the event stands a much greater chance of being dry. Daylight hours should be considered however, as the cost of temporary lighting etc. can be a drain on the resources of a small event.  When scheduling your event you should try if possible to take into consideration what other events are going on in the area on the day or close to the event. If a major event is being held on the same day as your event of if something very similar has been held within the last few weeks then this will detract from your event.

School holidays and Bank holidays can have conflicting effects on your event.  They encourage people to go away over these times but on the other hand they mean that people may be off work or off school.

On a more practical scale all events held on Bradford Council land will require the completion of a booking form and Public Safety Liaison Group (PSLG) form. These are available from the Parks and Landscape Service on 01274 434769 or email us at or you can download them here.

Downloadable documents

Funding and Raising Money

Largely dependant on the scale of your event will require funding and ways of generating income, whether it is simply to cover costs, to make profit or to raise money for a charity. Money can be raised from a variety of sources, charging an entrance fee, requesting/suggesting donations or by selling goods. Other ways to look at putting on event without little expenditure is to see what you can get for free.  Look to volunteers, sponsorship, charities and schools that are willing to donate their time and services for free. As an event grows there is much income and expenditure. Advertising, Hire of venues/services, Insurance, if it is possible within your group it may well be worth having someone within your organising committee to manage and run the finances. If you have an accountant, business person or simply someone who is good with figures so much the better.


Even small events can’t be run by one person and it is wise to have an organising committee for the event. It is a good chance to delegate tasks to others. Although the event requires an event manager who takes overall control, issues such as dealing with advertising, finances, external agencies and caterers can be taken on by different people.